Maybe it is better to begin by stating who we are not.

In the late 1990’s, many of the so called “display sites” were created. On average, those websites carried a few dozen works and were seldom able to promote a publication in the market.

No, we are not a “Display Site”.

PUBLISHERS’ DESK IS A MAJOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION PORTAL, which also provides advanced tools for publishing professionals and promotes the proper networking among agents and publishers. We serve 190 countries in 3 languages, and we have proactively helped publish many hundreds of works so far.

DESK IS A TOOL FOR AUTHORS, AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS. Its function is to bring together those who write and those who publish, empowering their performance for the modern era.

The AUTHOR, after writing their book, spends considerable resources making copies and sending them to agents and publishers. This effort is usually lost, because the refusal from them is much more frequent than the parties would like.

AGENTS and PUBLISHERS, receiving hundreds of manuscripts each month for analysis, are to assume the costs of an exhaustive selection process. This process, in turn, is always subject to pressures represented by tight deadlines and stringent internal guidelines that reflect market demands. All this makes it too frequent that a work is refused which otherwise would be welcomed, if not then, possibly some months later.

PUBLISHERS' DESK, the author manages to offer their works at a fraction of the cost normally spent and they remain available to the searches of agents and publishers - from many countries - 24 hours a day. These professionals, in turn, gain a FREE search tool that increases the quality and improves the speed of a costly procedure that they were once required to perform.

PUBLISHERS' DESK has published many hundreds of works, and performs dozens of connections daily between authors and publishing professionals. The constant contact with agents and publishers of many countries broadens our focus and allows the publication of local works abroad and vice versa.

Publishers' Desk

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